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July 28th
4:56 AM

Anonymous asked:

Hey! I really love ER, I've seen the whole serie, and I'm terribly frustrated because I can't get any screencap's page ._. could you help me, please? I've seen your photos and I have to say they are an amazing ones. Thanks. Ps. Sorry for my bad english ><

Hiii, well there isn’t a screencap page :(

The caps we use are the ones we make ourself from the episodes. Sorry i couldn’t be more helpful :/

May 9th
10:58 AM

imsavingurass asked:

hi! could you tell me which episode is this: post/13197516953 I'm watching S12 currently, and can't wait to get to this episode^^

That’s from the season finale “21 Guns”.

May 3rd
12:00 PM
10:57 AM
April 23rd
4:20 AM

Anonymous asked:

where do you get all the screencaps from?

We do it ourselves.

April 8th
6:00 PM
12:00 PM
6:01 AM
April 7th
5:00 PM
11:01 AM